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Aliyu Alege

Ex. Tech lead, Graduate Student and Researcher, National University of Singapore, Schaffhaussenn Institute of Technology · Switzerland 🇨🇭

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I am currently a graduate student at the Schaffhaussen Institute of Technology and National university of Singapore. I used to work as a lead developer at IT-Wize Technology, where I specialise in providing Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation Technologies to clients. I am well versed in Python, PHP, JavaScript and C programming languages. I am also a certified Blue Prism Developer. At leisure, I do research, which bases on modelling chemical reactionary processes for Machine Learning. I am a hard worker, a fast learner, futuristic thinker and a problem solver. I have created 2 companies, worked at the head of an international students and postgraduates organisation as the President, was the International Relations Manager of, researched into composites creation as an undergraduate while being a good high achieving student.


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